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Insta Bucks Gold Pvt. Ltd. is a Bangalore based gold trading company started in the year 2018 with the brand name Gold Pay India. We buy gold for the online price and provide instant cash for your gold. We buy your gold with a transparent and simple process of checking purity and weightage. We will give best price guaranteed based on the certain characteristics of the gold. We also buy gold scrap, second hand jewelry, second hand gold coins and gold bars. We have a very simple and secure process in gold trading business which makes you to sell or release your pledged gold easily. We are taking step forward to open 30 – 40 branches across Bangalore soon and more branches across Karnataka to fulfill our customer needs. Visit our nearest branch if you want to sell your gold, second hand jewelry, gold coins, gold bars and gold scrap for the best price. We are proud to be a first Indian gold buying company to provide doorstep service.


Our mission is to make our brand to be a responsible and satisfy our customer. We are looking forward to be one of best gold trading company in India. And we are in process to open 30 – 40 branches in Bangalore soon and more branches all over Karnataka and as well we are in our mission to expand our business across India in future days.


Our vision is to provide the best services for our customers and we create a best platform to satisfy the one who wants sell their gold for a best price.


We value our customer and we give our best services for our customers and we give more importance for the purity of the gold and check gold with advanced American imported devices which give accurate result. To keep in mind of our customer safety, time, and availability, we are proudly providing Doorstep service, Emergency service, and Uncertainty service.